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Free Electricity Begins Here.

Free Electricity......



Solar Electricity demonstration



Energy from the sun is free !


PV (Photo Voltaic) panels harness the energy from sunlight ( light - not heat) and convert light energy into electricity. The more panels fitted the greater the energy returned.


The electricity is converted for use in your home (with an electrical unit known as an inverter). You then use your own free electricity, providing that the sunlight and quantity of panels are sufficient to meet your needs. If your system is insufficient for your needs it will greatly reduce the electricity consumed from your electric supplier. If your system exceeds your needs, the surplus is exported to the National Grid, supplying other local homes - for which you are paid.


The government pays you for every unit produced irrespective whether you consume it it or not - TAX FREE in addition - you also are paid for the units you export !


Is your property suitable ?


The most efficient domestic applications are installed on south facing tiled roofs. East or west systems function very well but the efficiency is reduced but is still a sound investment. It is common for panels to be installed at ground level if there is sufficient space and reasonable security. Flat roofs can also be used as an alternative. In general planning permission is not required. We provide full support in advising the best location and system for your needs.


On a cloudy or cold day....


You system will generate electricity during any normal day light. The system is at its peak efficiency in direct sunlight but will still produce electricity at a reduced rate right until sun-set. Remember - the system runs on light NOT heat - so even in the winter months your system wil still generate electricity.