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A Gallery of our installations.




  • Twin roof systems4.0 KVA Ssytem installed in Irgy inthe Marsh Lincolnshire
  • Completed installationSolar panels located on 2 elevations
  • Control PanelsTwin inverters - the internal control system.
  • Work in progress.Panels in instalation process.
  • CompletionA completed intallation.
  • Control PanelsCompleted internal controls - the inverter and switch gear.
  • Work in progress
  • Fixing upper panelWork in progress
  • A full 4 KVA System nearing completion.Fixing panels to aluminium supports
  • Scaffold and access.Work in progress
  • Finishing the installationThe final touches before the removal of the scaffold.
  • Commercial Installation26.01 KWH system comprising 102 255 Watt Winaico panels for Skegness Springs Ltd., Skegness.Installed 2013
  • Commercial Installation9.75 KWH system comprising 39 250 Watts Winaico panels for The Body Shop - Skegness. Installed 2013
Twin roof systems1 Completed installation2 Control Panels3 Work in progress.4 Completion5 Control Panels6 Work in progress7 Fixing upper panel8 A full 4 KVA System nearing completion.9 Scaffold and access.10 Finishing the installation11 Commercial Installation12 Commercial Installation13

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